is the key to
survival for
bereaved parents
Talk to someone!

And through all the tears,
and the sadness
and the pain,
comes the one thought
that can make me
internally smile again:
   I have Loved!

   *   *   *   *
The first time a memory
slides over us like a wave
of warmth,
we have turned the
corner of our grief.

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A Place
by Ileana Villahermosa

I've just met a group of friends
We all seem to feel the same
We are all part of a place
Where we share each others pain

In this place we're all alone
No one wants ever to go
It is filled by those who lost
At least a daughter or son
A child that will forever
No longer be here with us

This place is not really far
It is here in our hearts
No one believes it exists
Others think is just a myth!!

Is a place where our old friends
Seem to no longer ask
About the kids we once had
Like if they don't say a word
It will no longer hurt
They are scared, they don't want
Ever to walk our path

We know no one understands
Unless they've been there once
Once you've enter to this place
There's no way you'll be the same

It is in this place that we keep
All the dreams that we once had
All of our hopes and our past
The memories of our child

It is in this place
Where we've learn
That the pain will not be less
Whether we are asleep or awake
That we were betrayed by fate

It is in there where we pray
And ask for that great reward
Dear God, please find the way
We'll be patient and we'll wait
For that clear sunny day
When we no longer feel pain

We all want the same reward
See our child and have them back
Let them come and take our hand
Let them take us to your land
Let us never be apart

~written by Ileana Villahermosa
In Memory of her son, Felipe A. Pagan
November 20, 1973 - April 13, 1999
Orlando, Florida


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