Angel of Hope

Angel of Hope

Blanchette Park
St. Charles, MO

Candlelight Memorial Service
held every year on December 6th,
at 7:00 pm.

Located in a quiet, garden setting, Blanchette Park, St. Charles, Missouri is home to the Angel of Hope. The angel’s face is that of a child, its arms raised, as a child waiting to be lifted. In its wing is inscribed the word HOPE.

The Angel of Hope, an exact replica of the Christmas Box Angel statue, located in Salt Lake City, Utah, stands as a symbol of hope for all parents who have experienced the death of a child.

To honor our children’s memories, memorial bricks are being placed around the base of the Angel of Hope statue with separate walkways extending in various directions from the base of the statue. The statue and surrounding area is intended to be a place of peace and healing for all bereaved parents.

Memorial bricks may be purchased for a $125.00 donation. All bricks are 4×8 inches, with three lines available for engraving – 15 characters per line, including spacing. All engraving will be done in upper case letters. Along with purchasing a permanent memorial for your child, you will receive a miniature brick with the same inscription as the brick placed and a certificate of ownership. Bricks will continue to be sold on a space available basis and added to the walkway. The memorial bricks are placed around the Angel of Hope twice a year. Orders for Spring placement must be received by March 20 and orders for Fall placement must be received by September 20. The funds collected from the sale of the memorial bricks will be used for the installation of the walkway and the upkeep of the statue and surrounding area.

Each year on December 6th at 7:00 pm a Candlelight Memorial Service is held at the Angel of Hope. All are welcome to attend in memory of your beloved child/children. It is customary to bring a candle and white flower.

For information about ordering a brick,
please call 636-947-6164 or 800-821-6819.

Driving Directions take Highway 70 West to North 5th Street; make a left on Randolph to Blanchette Park, then follow directions to Ben Rau Garden.



is the key to
survival for
bereaved parents
Talk to someone!

And through all the tears,

and the sadness
and the pain,
comes the one thought
that can make me
internally smile again:
   I have Loved!

   *   *   *   *
The first time a memory
slides over us like a wave
of warmth,
we have turned the
corner of our grief.